Grow Your Fashion Store With Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services In The UK

Editing out mannequins or models is easier said than done. When it comes to sales, you can’t leave the editing to anyone but professionals. At Clipixie, we provide the best ghost mannequin photo editing services in the UK, perfect for when both your budget and timeline are tight.

Our professional photoshop editors assemble all the photos, remove the distracting elements and merge them to provide an unrestricted view of the complete product. Now, the image shows all the aspects of your product, allowing your customers to take in all the details from any angle they desire.

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Before After before Ghost mannequinsafter Ghost mannequins
Before After before Ghost mannequinsafter Ghost mannequins
Before After before ghost mannequinsAfter ghost mannequins
Before After before Ghost mannequinsafter Ghost mannequins
Before After before Ghost mannequinsafter Ghost mannequins
Before After before Ghost mannequinsafter Ghost mannequins
Before After before Ghost mannequinsafter Ghost mannequins

Get Perfect Results With Our Ghost Mannequin Services In The UK

Mannequins make product photography much easier than models, but they can be pretty distracting for your product images. If you hire a photographer for ghost mannequin photography, they won’t be able to get the same results and would likely take longer to get it done.

With ghost mannequin product photo editing services in the UK, you can showcase your product without featuring the mannequin. It allows a clearer display of the product and an ‘on-body’ effect on the image. The ghost-mannequin feature adds value to your e-commerce venture or editorial campaign.

Keep The Focus On Your Product, Nowhere Else!

Everyone has seen picture-perfect images with a bunch of flawless-looking models and picturesque backgrounds. But unless you have that kind of time and budget, your next best bet to boost your sales is to get ghost mannequin services in the UK.

Whether it is lumpy sweaters, wrinkled shirts, or creased skirts, our editors can edit all your images to smoothen them out. No one will know that those pants have a tiny stain or that the t-shirt has a loose thread! We can even provide color variations, so you can save the ton of time it takes to click them all one by one.

Why Choose Clipixie For Ghost Mannequin Product Photo Editing Services In The UK?

It’s simple: It is easy, cost-effective, and produces results faster than any amateur can deliver! When you hand over your images to us, you can trust us to provide stunning results so you can sit back and relax without worrying about deadlines. We’ll take care of all your apparel editing needs with our reliable ghost mannequin photo editing services

Our editors can add depth and dimension to each apparel image so that customers can picture exactly how the clothing would fit them. We eliminate any distracting elements from the images and edit to make natural changes that enhance quality. We edit each image by hand to ensure perfection. Rest assured, all your images remain safe with us!  


Have you ever seen an apparel photo that looks like a ghost or appears as if an invisible person is wearing it? That particular effect is what is known as the ‘ghost mannequin’ or ‘invisible mannequin’ effect. For fashion retailers, this feature is a lifesaver. They can get professional-looking images for their store without having to spend a lot of resources on models.


Mannequins provide the visual appearance of a person wearing the apparel, but they can distract customers from the clothing itself. Ghost mannequin services make it easy to avoid this and get apparel images that provide an unrestricted view from all angles.

Anyone who has an online apparel store or uses mannequins for their product images needs ghost mannequin services. Whether you want to add textures and volume to your apparel or accessories or give them a life-like effect, ghost mannequin services can help you out.

It is a cost-effective way to avoid the expense and challenge that comes along with a photoshoot featuring models. With the ghost mannequin effect, you can provide an unhindered, 360-degree view of your product with a glimpse of the labels and tags inside.

The ghost mannequin effect allows you to present all the details of your products without any distractions. Multiple photos capturing various angles of the product or mannequin are selected. The mannequin and other distracting elements are removed, and then all those photos are combined to form a full view of the product that showcases all the details. It also captures the inside of the apparel or accessory to view tags or labels.

The cost of ghost mannequin services in the UK depends on the complexity of each image. Some products require a greater level of skill and more time to produce the desired results. You can get a rough estimate, and some agencies offer pricing guidelines, so you have an idea about the total cost. If you want to know the price of the ghost mannequin effect for your images, contact us.

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