Make the Most of Your Photographs with Our Photo Retouching Services

Businesses require their product images to be nothing less than perfect for social media, websites, printed ads, etc. If your photos didn’t turn out their best the first time around, get in touch with photo editing and retouching experts to revamp your images.

Advanced photo retouching is surely a time-consuming and tedious task. But what’s worse is going through the photoshoot all over again. Outsourcing the project to a professional photo retouching agency is a far more cost-effective and time-saving option than planning a reshoot.

At Clipixie, we can do wonders when it comes to making your shots attractive, attention-grabbing, and yet flawlessly realistic with the right degree of colour saturation, contrast and sharpness.

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Get Publish-ready Images with Professional Image Retouching Services

Basic Retouching

Eliminate imperfections; improve the appearance of the subject and its backdrop. From human subjects to objects and landscapes, make dull images stand out with quick photo retouching. Our experts adjust shadows and lighting, contrast levels, and also remove unwanted spots and noise to transform basic photos into their more beautiful versions.

Photo Restorations

Repair old photographs that have been damaged or faded over time. Do you own antique photos that aren’t clear anymore? We help you make them look new again with customised service. Our experts repair damaged photos at the level of pixels and enhance the whole image.

Portrait Retouching

Bring out clarity, beauty and expression in human portraits. Whether it’s a model presenting a product, the portrait of a bride and groom on their special day, or corporate mugshots, elevate the quality of all your images with portrait retouching that includes red-eye removal, clearing out blemishes and stray hair strands, brightening teeth, smoothening skin, and more.

Background Replacement

Get rid of distracting background elements to shift the viewer’s focus to the product. Our photo retouchers carefully create accurate clipping paths even for complex edges while removing, replacing, and blurring or sharpening backgrounds according to your requirements.

Photo Manipulation

Playing with light, shadows, colours and image elements ethically. With digital photo manipulation techniques such as clipping mask, harmonisation filter, blending mode effect, etc., we merge images or their layers, create montages, change colour tones, add special effects, add/remove subjects and watermarks in the image, etc.

Colour Correction

Make your images extraordinarily vibrant and clear. Colour correction services help make the image look clearer, more realistic and easy on the eye by eliminating errors of lighting and exposure, evening out shades and balancing colours within the frame.

Clipixie Offers High-quality Post-Production Results

Photo retouching services typically involve adding the much-needed brightness, colour contrast, and image clarity to regular product shots. Working with a professional photo retouching agency like Clipixie ensures that you get the results you need while complying with the quality standards that your customers would expect.

Outsourcing photo retouching services to a professional image retouching service provider helps get complex edits done quickly. At Clipixie, you only need to convey your requirement to us, and our editors will take care of the rest. We can also accommodate bulk orders and provide express delivery to meet your fast-approaching deadlines.

There are many advantages of working with Clipixie:

  • Boost Sales Showcase eye-catching product photos which enhance the best features of the subject. Use these images to inform and convince hesitant customers to consider your offerings.
  • Aid Branding Efforts Ensure consistency in style, font, colour, etc., in all your images to make a statement and create a memorable impression.
  • Optimise Images for Websites Get high-quality, optimised images that offer a clear picture of what you’re presenting, and yet don’t slow your website loading speed or affect your rankings.
  • Attract Customers In a vast mélange of competitors, stand out among the hundreds of similar products with photos that impress viewers and encourage conversion.
  • Customised Services As per your requirements, get exquisite results for your images, from fashion and accessories to weddings, corporate and cultural events, eCommerce, real estate, travel, and more.

Providing Comprehensive Image Retouching Services for a Myriad Verticals

  • eCommerce: From ghost mannequins to altered backgrounds, eCommerce photo retouching work helps you skyrocket your sales and even avoid reshoots by highlighting the best aspects of the product and presenting them in the ideal light.
  • Publishing: Whether it’s a coffee table book or luxury magazine, photo retouching ensures the images in your print publication are impressive and complement the insightful content of your CMYK versions.
  • Real Estate: Sell property faster via accurate and attractive real estate images. Photo retouching involves object removal, perspective correction, etc., to help customers visualise themselves in that space.
  • Automotive: Automobile photo retouching results in exceptional images that positively inform purchase decisions. Such services include removing signs of fingerprints, dust, and scuff marks and emphasising the vehicle’s colour.
  • Marketing: Get internet users to pause their scrolling and take a look at your images on websites and social media platforms. Photo retouching for marketing helps improve engagement and encourage conversion.
  • Advertising: With background replacements, colour correction and other interesting photo retouching processes, our skilled professionals present you with advertising visuals that stand out both online and in print.
  • Photography: We enhance the aesthetic appeal of your photographs, irrespective of industry, by eliminating camera and lighting equipment limitations in terms of exposure, shadows, colours, depth and dimension.


Photo retouching makes it possible to improve an image’s visual elements, and this contributes to enhancing the overall appearance of photos to be used on websites, advertisements or eCommerce stores, thus giving you an edge over your competitors.
Images retouched by an expert won’t show signs of exaggerated work. The quality of the retouching will be smooth and not-quite-obvious, attracting and impressing viewers and potential customers.
The cost of photo retouching varies. Prices depend on the level of complexity of the edits the image requires. If you need an estimate on your project, feel free to get in touch with our photo editing professionals.
While photo editing services involve basic image correction and minor adjustments like cropping and brightening, retouching is more complex. A photo retoucher can manipulate image elements and add/remove objects.