Get the Perfect Photographs with Our Professional Photo Editing Services

At Clipixie, we provide expert customised image editing services. From eCommerce to fashion, lifestyle, travel, events, real estate, jewellery and more, outsource your projects to us and attract more customers to your website with outstanding images.

Whether the primary goal of your business is to boost sales, enhance the aesthetic appeal of how your brand is presented, or simply make photo-intensive tasks easier, we’re here to help you out. Clipixie is an industry-leading photo editing agency that believes in making your pictures beautiful with neat and tidy edits.

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Photo Editing and Retouching Services for Seamless Results

Photo Retouching

Showcasing the best aspects of your photos. We adjust the lighting to highlight the subject and accentuate key aspects of the image. Our editors can also add, erase, or replace the background and other elements in the photo as per your requirements.

Colour Correction

Making pictures eye-catching and impressive. We modify the colour tones and contrasts to improve image quality and ensure perfect visual balance. This helps achieve a consistent standard of appearance and makes the images striking.

Image Stitching

Merging multiple images for a smooth panoramic view. Your customers do not need to scroll through multiple shots to see the wider picture. We stitch together images representing parts of the subject to provide an unhindered display of the finest quality and the perfect resolution.

Perspective Correction

Eliminating plane distortions. Our editors produce realistic images that offer a more accurate understanding of the objects in the image. We rectify dimension errors and angles, remove noise, and fix visual depth in the photo.

Video Editing

Creating stunning results for advertisements, social media, or product demo videos. Videos are extremely popular and engaging, but only if produced well. According to your requirements, our video editing services include frame adjustments, cropping, subtitling, creating clips and GIFs, and much more to give you an advantage over competitors.

2D & 3D Design Editing

Designing 2D & 3D animation of the highest standards. Simple floor plan layouts and other kinds of product blueprints cannot attract and impress your buyers. Our edits add an element of animation to draw attention to the most vital selling points.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Implementation

Combining shots of varying exposures for the most natural-looking final image. While the human eye can adjust to a wide range of light conditions, your camera may not be able to do the same. HDR implementation allows you to achieve smooth results, which are not possible with regular equipment.

Photo Manipulation

Transforming your images for impeccable results. Using our multifaceted skills in graphic and digital design, we enhance image elements, change the background, add watermarks, adjust white balance and colour tones, convert image format and even restore old photos.

Choose Our Flawless Photo Editing Services for Your Business

The Internet keeps getting flooded with more images every day, making it harder for businesses to be found in this crowd. Clipixie is a professional photo editing service provider who can deliver the most desirable results to enhance the look of your images and make them stand out in the sea of online visuals.

Especially when you have hundreds of images to restore or edit to perfection, it’s best to outsource the work to professionals. Clipixie’s team of specialists is at your disposal to tackle large batches of photos as per your requirements. We also offer high-quality, precise edits with our digital photo retouching services.

Our skilled and experienced editors have access to the latest tools and software, and this ensures your edited works are never outdated.

Fulfilling Photo Editing Requirements for Various Verticals at Clipixie

  • Apparel: Convey accurate information about your products with services like ghost mannequin editing and colour correction.
  • Automobiles: Showcase the best aspects of your vehicle in terms of colour, sheen, brightness and contrasts, and glare removal, with our automotive photo editing service.
  • Real Estate: A photo that represents property professionally has a greater chance of captivating potential customers and positively affecting buying decisions.
  • Travel: Whether you’re travelling yourself or host a travel destination, we eliminate unwanted blemishes and objects within the frame, adjust the lighting and depth, and fix aspects of the photo that couldn’t be managed during the shoot because of equipment limitations.
  • Lifestyle: Elevate your shots with our digital photo editing and retouching services that beautify interiorscapes, offer colour correction to convey warm tones, and resize the image to place the focus on what matters.
  • Portrait: Make your headshots and model photos look more appealing with skin retouching, teeth whitening, red-eye removal, density correction, colour temperature adjustments, background removal and more.
  • Advertising/ Marketing: Grab the viewer’s attention with lighting adjustments, elimination of distracting elements, attractive contrasts and image background removal; highlight your product and boost your marketing efforts.
  • Publishing Houses: Increase the sale of print/ web publications with colour correction, clipping path, image resizing and vector conversion that are part of our top-notch image editing services.
  • eCommerce: Boost your eCommerce product sales with image masking, clipping path, invisible mannequin and other photo enhancement services that give your website more attractive visuals and improve your listing.


Product photos can make or break your customer’s purchase decision Photo editing can help you stay ahead of your competitors. Well-edited photos ensure your images look professional and perfect, and increase the chances of conversion and sales.
Yes. You get professional-looking results quickly, and image-intensive tasks become easier. Outsourcing your project to a standards-compliant agency gives you access to a team of professionals, state-of-the-art resources, and a quick turnaround time.
The cost of professional image editing services depends on a few factors such as project complexity, the volume of the order, delivery date, etc. Sending your shots to an image editing company gets you timely results at a reasonable price.
Yes. We offer competitive pricing and discounts for bulk orders, along with express delivery for all your professionally edited images. Our team works round the clock to cater to your requirements and meet your photo editing deadlines.